*Excuse me. Rant coming through.

What’s wrong with a girl with a pixie cut? I don’t get it why some people say that girls shouldn’t cut their hair short. I mean, I don’t have anything against girls with long hair, I had mine long too for a while, once upon a time. All I’m saying is, there’s nothing wrong with short haired girls, same goes with people who change their hair color often. I’m so sick of people telling short haired girls “You look like a boy/ lesbian”, and such. Newsflash: Just because I want to wear my hair short, doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian (Not that I have anything against lesbians). And that fact doesn’t make me less of a woman. My Gooood, this is the 20th century. We don’t need to follow the notion of “Girls should have long hair”.

I decided to cut my hair short because I embrace change. I didn’t do it because somebody told me to, I did it because I felt like it. And you know what? I don’t care what other people think of it. Newsflash #2: I f*cking love it! And I’ll keep it this way as long as I like. I mean, yeah, you’re entitled of your own opinion, the same way that we’re all entitled to do whatever the f*ck we want with our hair, with our body, with our life. So why don’t you just keep your opinions to yourself about girls with short hair, mind your our own business, and live in peace? Yeah? 

Note to girls: If you want to cut your hair short, whether you’re curious, you’re tired of your hair, you want change, or you just have nothing better to do, go for it. Don’t let those kind of people hold you back. Life is too short to keep a hairstyle that you don’t even like. And, if by any chance, it turns out that you don’t like your new cut, it will grow out eventually and you can do something else with it. Okay? Besides, you’re beautiful, no matter what.


*End of rant. Sorry.

Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you wear; narrow-headed people will always find a way to criticize you. Might as well do, say, and wear whatever the fuck you want.

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Dear, that’s my boyfriend you’re clinging to. You might want to back off, ‘coz I might re-arrange your face if you don’t.


Go on, stab my back all you want. I’ll still stand tall with my chin up. I wont be easily destroyed as you thought I would be.

One of the many things I’ve learned in this film is that we can’t really trust anybody but ourselves. You’ll never know, the closest person to you might be the same person that will stab your back… literally. (A bit of a spoiler. Oopss. :))

It’s been a while since I last saw a prodigious pinoy film. Hat’s off to Erik Matti who, indeed, did his job very well. This is a must-see for everyone, specially filipinos. If this film cannot open your closed eyes, I don’t know what will.


Ever felt like you’re the only one to blame in a situation wherein everybody suffered from a single mistake you made? Not the best feeling, huh?

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A letter to PUJ drivers who smoke while driving, regardless of the “No Smoking” signs/ stickers in their own vehicle

Dear Manong Drayber,

Kamusta po? Maganda ba ang byahe? Sana naka-boundary kayo ngayon. Ang trapik pa naman ano po? Muntik na nga akong ma-late kanina eh. Magtatanong lang po sana ako. Ano po ng silbi nung "No smoking" sign/ sticker sa loob ng dyip ‘nyo? Nagtataka po kasi ako, kayo po mismo naninigarilyo habang nagmamaneho. Bakit hindi ‘nyo na lang po tanggalin kung hindi ‘nyo naman siniseryoso? No offense, manong. I have nothing against those people who smoke. Baga ‘nyo naman yan. Ang akin lang, bakit pa maglalagay ng "No smoking" sa lugar kung saan ‘yung mismong naglagay eh hindi naman sumusunod? Kagaya dyan sa dyip ‘nyo. Hindi ka naman nag-iisa, manong. Marami na ‘kong nasakyang dyip na kagaya ‘nyo ‘yung drayber. Meron pa ngang mas malala. Kagaya ‘nung minsan, sumakay ako ng dyip sa may monumento. Nagpupuno pa ng pasahero ‘yung drayber, tapos may sumakay na babaeng nag-yoyosi. Ang sabi nung drayber “Paki-tapon nalang po yung sigarilyo ‘nyo” habang tinuturo yung "No Smoking" sign sa dyip ‘nya. Sa loob-loob ko, “Aba, nakakatuwa naman si Manong. Pers taym ata ‘to ah”. Nung kalagitnaan na ng byahe, naka-amoy ako ng usok ng sigarilyo. Nagulat ako kasi pagtingin ko dun sa drayber, naninigarilyo ‘sya! Malala ‘di ba? Malalang-malala!

Alam mo Manong, para kayong mga pulitiko, gagawa-gawa kayo ng batas pero kayo mismo hindi sumusunod. Kayo pa ang nangunguna sa pag-suway. Hindi ko naman sinasabing perpekto ako at palaging sumusunod sa batas. Pasensya na, hindi ko lang kayo maiwasang punahin.

O, Manong, kung ako sa’yo, alisin mo na yung karatula mong "No Smoking". Sayang lang sa space. Wala namang silbi.

Hanggang dito na lang po, ingat po sa byahe!


Pau (a.k.a. Pakielamerang pasahero)

Every moment is a moment of choice.

I choose to be happy.


They say, when something happens, either good or bad (mostly bad), it happens for a reason. But most of the time, if not all the time, we don’t know what that reason is. So we’re stuck with the old saying "Everything happens for a reason." and all that bull. Leaving us clueless, victim of circumstances, we just go with the flow. 

Sooo lame.

Change is good.

I slept for 16 hours today. Not healthy, I know. But it’s not like I slept for 16 hours straight, as in continuously, no. I slept around 12mn and woke up around lunch time. I ate lunch, then went back to sleep, not even bothering to take a bath. Then I woke up around 6pm, I seriously want to go back to sleep but I know I have to get my ass up and do something productive or whatever. So, yeah… Now I feel like I have a bad hangover or something. Anyhow, when I was taking a bath a while ago (Why is the bathroom the "thinking place" of a lot of people anyway? IDK, but the biggest decisions in life happen in there.), I thought of why did I sleep for that long. Then the voice in my head told me "Coz you don’t want to feel alone." I was like, what? That doesn’t have to do with it! Stupid voice. I thought I would just want to take advantage of the weekend. Long weekend, at that. Then I came to think about it, I did choose to sleep rather than face the day feeling so alone. Why do I even feel like this? I have so many friends and I have a boyfriend and a family. Then there goes my inner voice again "They’re busy. They don’t have time for you." Yeah, maybe my inner voice is right. I’m feeling like this for a while now, I just don’t want to admit that the ones I love don’t have time for me. Even my own boyfriend. Man, he doesn’t even text me (yes, I’m clingy like that). Well, life must go on, I thought. I can’t just sleep my problems away. I hafta learn how to sort my sh*t. I hafta learn how to be independent. I hafta learn how to not depend on the people around me all the time. I said I will start fresh with this blog, why don’t I start fresh with my life? Right. First step, hair color. I don’t care if the HRO will give me a memo or something, I have to start with my hair. Yeah.

So what if they don’t care for me? If that’s the case, I don’t give a shit either. I’m tired of feeling this sh*t. 

"Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all." And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m changing. I’m changing for myself, not for anybody. And this change will be for the better.